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Dear friends!

We appeal to the whole civilized world! War is not just an armed conflict between the two sides, it is bitter tears, separation and death, it is the realities in which our children live, it is the sirens that have become part of our lives, it is the exhausting rhythm of volunteer life, when it would seem no longer strength, but every morning you wake up and continue to do everything you can. Just imagine – more than 40 million people united by one dream – to win back freedom and independence! Is it possible to defeat such a nation? NO. And time will tell. But every minute of this war is the lives of our soldiers, our relatives and friends. Help us keep safe our fathers, husbands, brothers, they stand to death to win back our right to choose! The right to have a free life in an independent country. We want to thank for the support provided every organization and enterprise, every humanitarian hub, every volunteer and every person who could not stand aside, and helped our country in the difficult fight against the aggressor throughout the war. Believe that your every good deed and word is very highly valued! We will always remember our friends who were revealed to us by such a difficult period in the history of our country. And now let’s fight a little more! Together! After all, almost the whole world has now become Ukrainians! Because this is not just a war, but a struggle of good and evil, a struggle for justice! And we definitely will win!

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Sincerely, Charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “IV’AN CROWDFUNDING” and all people of Ukraine SLAVA UKRAINI! 🇺🇦

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