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Recommendations for the protection of displaced children and refugee children in Ukraine and abroad

The war in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on children and has led to the largest displacement since World War II. Children were forced to leave their homes: some sought safety in other parts of the country, others hid in neighboring countries. Among them are many unaccompanied or deprived of their parents.

What happens to children in specialized institutions?

About 100,000 children, half of them with disabilities, lived in specialized institutions before the escalation of violence in Ukraine. Many of these children have living relatives or legal guardians. During the first 7 months of the conflict, 38,800 people were returned to their parents or other legal guardians. 1,611 people were relocated to other regions of Ukraine. At least 6,000 people sought salvation in Ukraine or EU countries and Turkey.

Is it possible to adopt children fleeing war?

Children separated from their parents during an emergency cannot be considered orphans and are not subject to adoption. Consequently, adoptions should not take place during or immediately after emergencies. Children have the right to individuality, including the right to know and receive information about their parents. Until the location of the child’s father(s) or other close family members is established, it is assumed that each divorced children, even those who lived in boarding houses before the war, have living close relatives. Every effort should be made to reunite children with their families, whenever appropriate, if such reunification is in their best interests.

How can volunteers and good Samaritans help protect children from human trafficking?

Volunteers and volunteer organizations in and around host communities welcomed refugees by the thousands and escorted them to safety in the early months of the war. Many of them are unregistered and operate on a voluntary basis to provide housing and support to families. But the flow of aid at border crossings is also a cover for traffickers and other predators seeking to exploit women and children fleeing war. It is important that host governments and humanitarian organizations follow formal procedures for vetting and registering volunteers and volunteer organizations to protect children from trafficking.

For people who want to help somehow, but don’t know how.❤️

In Ukraine, there are more than 5,000 different organizations that help children in one way or another. Shelters that contain from 30 to 200 people, in which children from 0 to 18 years old are always ready for help from the outside! Just find the shelter you like and help. This is what we do for our children who were left without parental care, orphans will be hospitably received by our caring friends in the west of our country. We do not stand aside and support such establishments. Join us, there are many children, and during the war they are our common children, it is our common responsibility! Join in! It is very important to support them…

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