Ralph Emerson Waldo said:

“Charity is a city, in the construction of which, every human being contributes his stone.”



First what you should do is to study the organization’s website or social network’s pages, so you could understand what the foundation does, what projects it implements, how many and what benefactors it has. The next step is to call the fund by phone. So you can find out if you are ready to be considered as a partner or friend. If you want to provide a service, and the fund is not engaged in real work, then your service will not be required there. Make sure that the fund has the necessary statutory documents available. And if everything is fine you can trust such a fund with your funds.

Charitable foundations are constantly involved in certain social problems, so they can explain what kind of help and where they need it, and how to make help so that it is as effective as possible. It is not always possible to study for yourself, for example, in which orphanage what is missing. And it will be much more useful if the fund buys the necessary socks and mittens for orphans for the holiday with the 100 hryvnias you donated, than if you buy sweets for the same amount, which orphanages are often full of for the holidays.

Start with making a call to a charitable foundation. The needs of the fund are constantly changing, depending on the needs of those in need. Sometimes there is a need for such elementary things as clothes, shoes, small used appliances (hair dryers, mobile phones, kettles, boilers, those things that have long been out of place in your home), the simplest food needs, etc. By making a call, you will receive the necessary information from our employees, and you will be able to participate in a good deed. You can also track the latest information on all available social resources of our fund.

Despite our very “young age”, we have assembled a team of young bright minds who are ready to look for interesting modern solutions. We want to expand the boundaries of our activities far beyond the borders of our country, and establish partnerships with organizations from the European Union, the United States, Canada and China. Our activities are absolutely clear and transparent, all comprehensive reports are available on the website. Of course, they are judged by deeds, and not by beautiful articles and publications, so we provide maximum photo and video reports on our Internet resources.

Everyone has a choice: to make a one-time contribution or to make a monthly contribution. We would like every “good heart” to make a choice in favor of a monthly contribution, even if it is a minimum amount, but a constant one. For example, you wanted to deposit 100 hryvnia, it is better to make a monthly contribution in the amount of 8 hryvnia for 12 months. This gives us the opportunity to plan the budget and expenses. We also understand that it is much easier to allocate a minimum amount, and at the same time it will be no less useful. Another important detail is that you can make either a personal contribution for a specific case or a general contribution, in which case the fund will independently distribute your contribution according to the most urgent needs. Any contribution is very important, because it is an indicator of your desire to help, albeit a small one, but a step in order to make our world kinder and better. And this is where the “key” lies – to open in the hearts of people the desire to help those who need it.

Facts About



The idea to create a charitable foundation arose more than ten years ago, during the first trip as a volunteer to an orphanage. At that time, the word “volunteer” was practically not used, but there were just people with a great desire to help those in need. Since that time, I have provided all possible assistance to those who needed it, and gradually a desire arose, and over time, methods were formed in order to create a properly structured organization for effective work. The activities of our charitable foundation are as transparent and understandable as possible for any kind heart that participates in the fate of people in need. I would like to note that our foundation has identified several main areas for itself – helping sick people and children, helping gifted children, actively participating in the sports and cultural development of youth, helping nursing homes, single mothers, women with children who find themselves in difficult life situation, in particular the provision of legal advice regarding the circumstances in which they find themselves, we also want to draw attention to people with disabilities and the disabled, to their employment opportunities, improving their living conditions, etc.

The charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “IV’AN CROWDFUNDING” is a young foundation with an incredible amount of fresh ideas, new solutions and an unbridled desire to show the high level and completely new facets of the work of charitable organizations. I invite every reader to join an exciting journey into the depths of their hearts, where a person lives who is able to give goodness and show sympathy.


Founder of the CO “CF “IV’AN CROWDFUNDING”,

Synelnykova Olena