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ivancrowdfunding: Together to victory

Together to victory

Recently, Ukrainians have faced difficult economic and political challenges. Quarantine, economic crisis, and war with Russia – all of these create significant difficulties in our country. However, Ukrainian citizens constantly help each other and those in need. One example of effective charitable work is our foundation – ivancrowdfunding. As part of our charitable activities, we decided to help families with small children who are suffering from hopelessness amidst the full-scale war that has been going on for a year now. We collected diapers for children aged 1 to 3, baby food, and personal care and hygiene items.

Through our Telegram channel, we selected 61 families. This help was an important drop in the ocean that helped to ease the burden of life a little bit. We found an efficient and transparent way for everyone to choose participants. We selected the first 61 comments that came in on the Telegram channel under the post about the aid distribution and invited those individuals to receive it. This approach allowed us to ensure that the help would go to those who really need it. Although our help did not solve all the problems of the families, it showed that even a small contribution can have a big impact on people’s lives.


Our foundation supports various categories of the population, and for each distribution, we prepare the exact items that our wards need. We hope that with each day of work, our results will be even better, and the assistance will be more complete and significant. We cannot remain indifferent.

War is not just a problem for individuals who have lost everything while saving their lives. It is a problem for the entire nation, and we can only win together. Let’s do more good deeds for each other, support each other, even if not with actions, then at least with kind words.

Everything will Ukraine! Together to victory!



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