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Humanitarian aid was provided by IV’AN Crowdfunding (P&G company’s products)

Dear friends!

I thought a lot about the best way to say what message to send. I could tell you many horrors of war, show you terrible photos and videos, probably the scariest you have seen in your life, but I won’t. Today I want to show you the beauty and strength of our great country. Here it is (volunteer girls) – look at these beautiful girls, smiling and caring, each of them has their own life story, each of them has a father, a brother, a husband who is fighting on the front lines, but they find the strength to help those who are in an even worse situation. Look at our refugees, they lost everything, jobs, homes, some of them lost their loved ones, but they continue to believe in our victory, continue to hope that they will soon be able to return to their homes and start their lives again. A strong nation with a beautiful soul. Dear friends, thanks to you we have helped more than 200 refugee families (in the form of personal assistance) and more than 100 families living in shelters in our city, supported children and military hospitals, helped families raising children with special needs. Your help is invaluable. We are deeply grateful for every act of support for the Ukrainian people. We hope that your support today will turn into a strong partnership in future. Support us, support Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! God bless America!


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