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Children’s hygiene products, diapers, clothes, and toys were distributed

"We are warriors. We are not lazy. We are not liars. And our work is righteous and holy. Because who is for what, and we are for independence. So it is difficult for us because of that. 🇺🇦 Together we will overcome everything! 🤝💙💛

Lina Kostenko

Children’s hygiene products, diapers, clothes, toys were distributed 💜 Everyone found something for themselves 🌷 Thank you to our pleasant audience and good mood despite the weather conditions 🌧 🙂 Follow our news so you don’t miss anything 😊 Together to Victory! 💙💛🇺🇦

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We are grateful to all our partners and donors for their support. Get involved in good deeds! Together we can do much more!🤝🇺🇦🤝

4246001003389370 UAH

5375418810502690 USD

5375419908557638 EUR

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