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Children Protection Day! June 1 ?? ??

CO “CF “IV’AN CROWDFUNDING” took part in the celebration of “Children’s Day” in cooperation with our sweet partner – the confectionery company AVK




June 1 – Children’s Day! We became part of an incredible holiday, where for a short time, everyone was happy – children, adults, presenters and spectators. It should be noted that the complex Bartolomeo resort kindly opened its doors and emphasized beauty of this day. The organizers were able to do the unbelievable – a concert with talented performers, a contact zoo, children’s paintball, henna drawings, battles on zorbs, dancing with ballerinas, to tell the truth I don’t even know what could not be found on this day. We have become a sweet part of this wonderful holiday, and we would like to express our gratitude to AVK Company – our sweet partner, represented by Valery Tsyurupovich, who reacted quickly and approached the choice of delicacies very responsibly. He showed humanity and sensitivity to the difficult fate of children, guests of our warm city, and thanks to this attitude we were able to support, not less than 300 children and give them wonderful treats. The sincere smiles of our children help us move forward. Thank you for such a wonderful day 🙌 Everything will definitely be Ukraine🇺🇦

Our foundation helps refugees, women with children, orphans, we also actively support our wounded soldiers in hospitals and those undergoing rehabilitation.

If you want to join help, please follow the link: 👉 https://ivancrowdfunding.org/rekvizyty

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Results of our work: https://ivancrowdfunding.org/blog/

Have a nice day and clear skies over your head! Everything will be Ukraine!💛💙


“Charity is a city, in the construction of which, every human being contributes his stone.”

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